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Gainesville Pressure Washing

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is a very effective method for the removal of dirt, mildew, pollen, cobwebs, and old, flaking paint from your house, especially in Gainesville, Florida. It is also a method of cleaning concrete driveways, patios, pool lanai, and screen enclosures. The tool used for these purposes is a pressure cleaner with an output of at least 1500 PSI, or pounds per square inch.

With all of that power, pressure washing is the perfect solution for eliminating the dust, grime, and algae from the outside of your house. Not only can power washing clean your house, but it can also preserve your house’s paint for years longer than it would otherwise last. When living in Gainesville’s muggy climate combined with so much tree shade, a thorough cleaning is essential for maintaining the beauty of your house.

The Value of Pressure Washing in Gainesville

Pressure washing upholds and protects the integrity of your house’s exterior. As mentioned, Gainesville, Florida, has a unique situation of high humidity and heavy tree cover, and this kind of environment can trap moisture around your house and thereby promote algae and mold growth. If you live in this type of area, you should consider getting your house pressure washed once a year.

Like window cleaning, power washing is a great way to prepare for parties. As many Floridians know, a lot of families come down for the holidays to enjoy the warmth. Getting your house clean and looking like new with Marsh’s power washing services ideally ensures that your house will be at its best during the holiday season. With our extensive attention to detail and expertise with this powerful machinery, we can guarantee that the facade of your house will be stunning for all your friends and family.